Fiberglass Armor Construction: Armor is Finished
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That’s it! That is everything involved in making a piece of armor.

Here are some pictures of myself, and some of our group, in the costume. Where possible I have noted the source for the pictures, however for some I have not been able to find the sites again. If you have a picture listed here that you are not getting a credit for, please send me an email.

This picture is from my first time wearing the armor. As a first test run I found a few problems with it that I have since fixed. The left shoulder was drooping because the model magic I used as a form fitting support did not have enough time to fully cure. So I replaced that with a few pieces of fun foam stacked together. The collar was also rotating a bit. I fixed this by moving the snaps on the jacket.

Oh yeah!!! Working the camera!

Although you can not see them well in these pictures I am wearing the shin armor and it ended up fitting very well, which I am very happy about.

These pictures from the phtoshoot were taken at AX 2004 in Anaheim. It was very hot out.

Here are a few other members from the group. The characters are Emeraude, Asuka and Zagato.

Here is the whole group on stage just after we finished our skit. The skit was Rocky Horror with the characters from Rayearth. I was Brad, Hikaru was Janet, Eagle was Rocky, Zagato was Dr. Frankenfurter, Debonair was The Criminologist and Asuka and Emeraude were agenta and Columbia.

A better look at Debonair and her crown. I am very happy with the way the crown turned out in the end. It was definitely one of the more challenging pieces and it would have been nice to have more time to finish it, but all in all it came out quite good. Though apparently wearing it hurt something awful.

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