Fiberglass Armor Construction: Overview
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The following pages will go into detail on each step for each piece of the armor. For Lantis this consisted of making:

  1. Left Shin Armor
  2. Right Shin Armor
  3. Left and Right Wrist Armor
  4. Chest Plate
  5. Back Plate
  6. Lower Right and Left Shoulder Armor
  7. Main Right and Left Shoulder Armor
  8. Collar Armor
  9. Side Armor (not used in final costume)

The following are roughly the steps to make each piece. For the wrist, lower and upper shoulder armor one mold was made and two final pieces were cast from it, which meant repeating steps 8 to 11 twice.

  1. Used plaster bandages to cast the body part the piece of armor is for.
  2. Fiberglass is layed on the dried plaster bandage cast to reinforce it.
  3. A plasteline model is built up on top of the plaster and fiberglass cast.
  4. The model is sealed and prepped for the molding rubber.
  5. Brush on rubber and is repeatedly applied to the piece until desired thickness and strength is achieved.
  6. Plaster of Paris support mold is applied to cured rubber mold.
  7. Plaster and Rubber molds are removed and prepped for laying fiberglass.
  8. Multiple layers of glass and resin are layed to build up the desired piece.
  9. Piece is removed from the mold and trimmed and sanded to final shape.
  10. Two to four layers of gel coat are painted on and sanded to a near polished finish with 220, 400, 600 and 1500 grit sand paper.
  11. Piece is polished and mounting equipment is glued or fiberglassed on.