Fiberglass Armor Construction: Polish and Assemble
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Polishing and Assembly

This is another one of the really run parts of this process. Mainly for the novelty and speed at which it is done. To polish the pieces I use a good car wax, in this case turtle wax. Pretty much follow the directions on the bottle. Apply with a damp cloth, let dry and then buff off.

A selection of pieces being polished by hand with Turtle Wax in the hotel after some last minute touching up.

To make things more fun, and since I had it handy, I used a power polisher. You can also get one of those polishing attachments for a drill if you have one. Polishing this way is fast and gives you a nice mirror quality finish. Plus it is fun to tell people you polish your armor with car wax, well, I find it fun at least.

The only other thing to do is to fasten the pieces so they can attach right. Hopefully you have already got this figured out before you get to this part. There are all kinds of ways to attach things so I wont go into much detail. For myself I used some extra gel coat like glue, to glue snaps on to the backs of the armor. For more weighty pieces or ones where snaps would not work I picked up some D rings from the local crafts store and took some thin strips of glass and fiber and glassed them to the back. If you use D rings and want them to has some movement wrap the flat part of the D in a piece of tinfoil so that the resin will stick to the tin foil instead of the D ring. This will leave it nice and loose.

I used 1-inch vinyl straps and some plastic vinyl strap notions to fasten everything together. I also used some heavy duty Velcro with adhesive backs to stick some pieces in place so that they would not move around. There are many different ways to secure and fastened the pieces so let your imagination and creativity run wild. For the shin armor, I went through 4 different ideas for mounting them on my legs so they would not move and the front and back halves would fit together properly.

One of the upper shoulders flipped upside down to mount D rings for vinyl straps.