Fiberglass Armor Construction: Prepare the Model
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Prepare the Model

Right shin armor sealed with mold release applied. Notice the playing cards. In order for the armor to fit around my shin it needs to be in two pieces. I scored the model and inserted playing cards in the score to divide the front and back. The gloss and mold release were applied afterwards.

Now that the model is done we will need to prepare it before we can brush on the mold making rubber, otherwise the rubber may either not cure properly or cure and stick to the model.

The first step is to seal the model. This is really easy. Get some clear gloss spray paint and spray it on. Be sure to get every nook and cranny. I generally put about 5 layers of gloss on each piece. Call me paranoid, but if you miss sealing part of it could make things messy. I did not want to risk that, so I gave each piece a lot of coats. I also spray the base surrounding the model too… just to make sure.

Spraying on multiple coats also helps to smooth out any small problem areas. For example, if you smoothed the piece with your thumbs you may have some fingerprints on the piece. There may be a few other blemishes that you did not see too. By putting on multiple coats of gloss these problems are essentially covered and smoothed out.

A thick shell of gloss also makes the piece stronger for the next steps.

After the gloss has dried thoroughly spray on the silicon mold release. Be generous with this stuff by putting on lots of coats. This too is something you do not want to miss areas with. If you miss a spot the rubber will stick to the model and you will end up ripping bits off. And those areas will not be as smooth on the mold once you scrape away the gloss and plasteline, which is messy, not fun and generally sucks. So be sure to cover the whole piece well. Also be sure to cover the surrounding base. When you brush on the rubber you will be covering both the model and some of the base to make a good mold, so be sure to spray those areas too. That rubber sticks good.

Follow the sprays directions for drying time.

The crown sealed and prepared... kinda creepy looking.

Left and right side armor.